Real Estate 2018: What to Expect

Posted on Feb 21, 2018

THE most common question we receive is, “What’s the outlook for real estate in 2018?” It’s not just potential buyers and sellers who care; current homeowners also want reassurance about the value of their investment. No one knows exactly what 2018 will bring, but we’ve outlined expert predictions on where the market is headed and how government int...

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10 Cool Reason to Sell in the Winter

Posted on Dec 12, 2017

Contrary to popular belief winter is a great time to list. Spring is the time where "everyone" lists their houses for sale but more inventory in the Spring means more competition when it comes to selling.

Buyers who actually get out and battle cold and ice during the winter months to go house hunting are serious! 

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Top 12 Apps for Homeowners and Renters

Posted on Nov 19, 2017

More than 77 percent of people own a smartphone. The average person checks their smartphone 46 times a day, with people under the age of 24 checking it an average of 74 times a day. We check it while we’re waiting in line and during our leisure time, whether we’re scrolling through social media, reading emails or getting up-to-date on the latest ne...

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Why Real Estate Investing Makes Dollars (and Sense)

Posted on Oct 17, 2017

Turn on the television or scroll through Facebook, and chances are you’ll see at least one advertisement for a group or “guru” who promises to teach you how to “get rich quick” through real estate investing. The truth is, much of what they’re selling are high-risk tactics that aren’t a good fit for the average investor. However, there is a way to m...

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